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she was separating with her husband. it appeared to her that her husband was reconsidering moving out of the residence. she felt that this would be a persuasion or a scare tactic to get him to move out of the residence. >> police say about 10:20 yesterday morning an intruder entered the apartment and confronted the husband who had gun. the intruder showed a fake firearm and after a scuffle, the husband fatally stabbed the intruder in the neck with a knife. some neighbors were home at the time. >> i heard a commotion, but i thought it was upstairs, but i was vacuuming so it was really loud, like, pounding on a door. >> police say the intruder has been identified as 64-year-old robert libd see of pittsburgh. neighbors say they saw the husband shortly after the
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attack. >> he looked very calm, maybe a little distraught. he kept putting his hands over his face. >> investigators say two other men were at the scene and ran away, but were later caught. tonight the wiefshgs her boyfriend matt parker, his brother 21-year-old charles parker and an associate 21 year old jimmy salgado are all in jail on murder charges. >> police sigh the husband acted in self defense and is not being charged. he is with a two children ages 5 and 8 tonight as the mother and the other suspects remain in jail. reporting live in pittsburgh, ktvu channel 2 news. san francisco police today released new surveillance video in hopes of solving a three-month-old murder. investigators say the trail has gone cold following the killing of 46-year-old aleiah cruz. they hope the public will recognize the man. less than an hour later the man ran down the sidewalk. cruz was found stabbed to death
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in her home. >> we're trying to drum up any information. this might spark someone's memory. they might recognize this person from a neighborhood. >> police also released this sketch of a suspect. he is described as a mixed-reyes man, 26 to 35 years old with braids or ponytails. new information tonight about a bone fragment found in a central valley well. police in hayward now say it is not from kidnapped victim mckayla garrett. that bone was discovered with the remains of other victim of the so-called speed freak killers. because of the victim's ages and the time they were buried, investigators thought the bone might have been garrett's remains but hayward police say dna testing shows the bone belongs to a previously-identified murder victim. mckayla was abducted outside a store in 1988 when she was nine years ould. now to the south bay where the search for a new san jose police chief has reached a crucial stage. ktvu's robert honda has the
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short list of candidates. >> it was a well-kept secret. the south bay's most influential community groups gathered inside the hayes mansion conference center to conduct an all-day job interview. the head of the police officers 'association gym unland and former san jose police chief william lancedown as well as numerous community leaders signed confidentiality dprements in order to be part of the process, but we have learned the candidates interviewed today were former santa clara police chief kevin kyle. the other, tom lawrence, the current assistant chief in dallas and dan oates, the police chief in aurora, colorado who became a national figure during the so-called colorado theater mass sacker in july. san jose communications officer david wouldn't name candidates but confirm it had process going on here today. >> that list has been screened and vetted down to a short list that we are bringing forward to community representatives to meet and interview today. >> and there are no more interviews with other candidates besides the ones that are here
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today. >> we're hopeful that -- that we can complete this process today. >> the group will make recommendations to city manager deborah and though there is no set timetable for a decision, current chief chris moore retires on january 18th. >> we want to keep the gap between the -- the retirement of chief chris moore and the next chief as small as possible. >> once the city manager makes her final selection, that candidate must still be approved by the city counsel. in san jose, robert honda, ktvu channel 2 news. vice president joe biden hosted the first in a series of high-level meetings today on gun violence. the attention was sparked by last month's shooting at sandy hook elementary. >> every once in awhile there's something ie wakens the patience of a country, and that tragic event did it in a way like nothing i've seen in my career. >> among those attending today's meeting were parents of children killed in a mass shooting at the aurora, colorado movie theater and survivors of the 2007 virginia tech massacre.
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tomorrow the vice president's gun policy task force meets with a national rifle association and others opposing gun control. the president has voweda and wants recommendations from the task force by the end of the month. happening now in vallejo, an open house discussion on the hot-button issue of gun control. that meeth just got underway at city hal. congressman mike thompson is hosting the forrum tonight and another in santa rosa tomorrow. thompson says he's a gun owner and a hunter but says he supports restrictions on assault weapons. the homicide rate declined last year. in 2012 the city had 14 homicides involving 11 guns. a plaque that honors petaluma residents killed in the vietnam war is missing, apparently stolen. the plaque listed 16 names and was located in walnut park. it disappeared some time between monday night and tuesday morning. veterans and petaluma residents say they are angry. they want it back. >> it's a very emotional tight time for a lot of veterans
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around here, especially the families of these guys, and it would be meant a lot to have it come back. >> the plaque was made of copper and bronze. the veterans assume it was stolen for the value of the metal. they say it can't be returned. they'd like it replaced with a stone plaque, which is less likely to be stolen. ahead in 11 mnlts a bay area muse sim plundered by a thief. it's not the fist time. the valuable item taken and the clue suggesting the same person is involved. now, to our continuing coverage of monday's oil tanker crash into the tower of the bay bridge. we have any information for you tonight about a broken piece of navigation equipment and a ballooning damagest mat. when the overseas sideswipe add tower and left this damage behind, it caused about two to 3 million tlr in damage. that's up from the originalest mat of 500 thousand. the ship's owner could be forced to pay for repairs. work on the fender system is expected to begin in the next 30 days. meantime we've also learned that at least one of the navigational
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beacons on the bay bridge was not working. the coast guard is looking into whether that played a role in the accident. dozens of people are recovering after a new york ferry carrying huns of passengers crashed into a peer. at least 57 people were injured, two of them critically when the ferry from new jersey crashed while trying to dock in manhattan. many of the passengers were near exits and on stairwells at the time of the collision. some were thrown on to the deck. >> when we hit the dock, everybody went flying so that's why we have -- there's so many injuries. you know, people got thrown downstairs, and that was -- that's where most people got hurt. >> the national transportation safety board is assisting the coast guard with the investigation. the ferry crew was tested for alcohol and drugs and so far, those tests have come back negative. another member of the obama administration is stepping down. lay were secretary handed in her resignation saying she plans to return to california. soliz is expected to run for the los angeles board of
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supervisors. she's been one of the highest-ranking hispanics in the administration and applauded. a law firm says it filed suit against several major financial institutions on behalf of california cities, counties and other public entities. the suit accuses barclays, ubs, bank of america and 19 other banks of manipulating interest rates that are set in london. it alleges that the manipulation costs the california entities billions of dloors, east bay mud, the county of san mateo and the city of richmond are among the plaintiffs in this suit: on wall street stuff bounced back from two days of losses. the dow industrial gained 61 points thanks in part to oo positive earnings report. nasdaq rose 14. meantime america international group or aig has decided it will not join a lawsuit against the federal government other the 2008 bail out that saved the company. it would be like biting the hand that feeds you. aig's former ceo filed the suit saying strict government conditions for the bail out were
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unfair to shareholders. federal government eventually sold its stake in aig and made a 23 billion tlr profit. tonight cleanup is underway in a bay area hospital after sewage overflowed into the facility. crews were busy today grinding the tree roots out of a suer line at the oakland campus. those roots blocked a pipe sending suage backing up into the hospital yesterday. these photos here show the scene inside after the sewage rained down on a sterile processing unit. >> we realized it was the smell of urine and fee sees, and from that point on, we immediately -- my staff members and myself, management, we immediately started taking precautions. >> the hospital still working to sterilize the effected rooms, but officials say no sue saj-contaminated areas of patient care. the alameda county sheriff's office says it found a five-foot alligator guarding a marijuana stash. take a look here at mr. teeth. deputies say he was guarding 34
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pounds of processed marijuana. the gator was found in a plexiglas tank in a house in castro valley. deputies arrested the gator's owner. the alligator is now being treated at the oakland zoo. as you can imagine, we have a lot of ktvu viewers commenting on this story. you can join the conversation by liking us at ktvu channel 2 news on facebook. i just couldn't bring myself to vote for him. >> this sports writer left barry bonds off her hal of fame ballot and so did plenty of others. tonight one explanation you wouldn't expect. >> the oakland muse sim of california twice by a burglar. what he took from right here and why police believe the same man is responsible. . a cold-weather system is currently moving into northern california. coming up a breakdown of shower chances over the next 24 hours. the -- the possibility of low snow levels here in the bay area and the timing of a freeze warning that will soon kick in across parts of the region.
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. a gas leak in san francisco's precid owe heights neighborhood this afternoon led to the precautionary evacuation of several buildings. this happened about 12:20. firefighters say the construction crew using a backhoe rupture add 2-inch line on pacific avenue. pg&e said it capped the leak just after 1:00 and people were allowed back into the building. the baseball writers of america threw a shut out today denying barry bonds entry into the hal of fame. as rita williams reports, it's the hangover from the steroids era. >> and bonds hits one high. >> he's baseball's all-time home run hitter but barry bonds was not a hit with baseball writers today nor were others from the so-called steroids era. bonds got 36.2% of the vote.
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sammy sosa, 12.5%, and roger clemens, 37.6%, all far short of the 75% need sdmrd i would not have voetd for bopds. absolutely not. >> i believe he should have got in. >> what he did was not right, and the people that know best decided. >> i did not vote for all the steroid guys. i -- i don't know how i'll vote in coming years. >> chronicle sports columnist told me she was not surprised how her fellow sports writers voted when it came to bonds. >> as someone who covered his career, his entire career pre-steroid era, post-steroid era, i just couldn't bring myself to vote for him. >> these are the exact same writers that in the late 90s were looking the other way. you know, now, they want to make up for the poor job they did back then. >> victor conte founder of labs convicted felon now pusher of better drug testing thinks bonds and clemens deserve to be
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inducted. >> i think there are a lot of players that are in the hal of fame already that have used performance-enhancing drugs. >> senior vice president staci swatter says the giants believe barry bonds does belong in the hal of fame but that they respect the process and hope that some time in the next 15 years of balloting, he will be admitted. in san francisco, rita williams, ktvu channel 2 news. there are reports the sacramento kings may be packing up and moving to the pacific northwest. according to yahoo sports, the current owners, and maloof brothers are in the final stages of selling the kings to a group that hopes to move them to seattle. the group plans to build a $490 million arena near the city's other sports stadiums. once the sale is final the prospective buyers will have until march to file for relocation. sharks fans are another step closer to seeing hockey return. now all that's left is player approval before the hockey season can finally start. the players have been locked out now for 116 days. they are set to vote friday and
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saturday. if they agree to the deal, the season would begin january 19th. sonoma county bubbly will be the beverage of choice at president barack obama's upcoming inaugural lunch. winely sent 90 magnums of vintage 2008 champagne to the white house just before christmas. this will be the eighth inauguration in a row ff corbel starting with president ronald reagan's second inaugural in 1985. there's something new being offered for lunch in san francisco public schools. the district's contract with oakland-based revolution foods took effect this week. the company says it'll give more than 55,000 students access to healthier school meals. the new menu meets or exceeds usda new trigs requirements. the students say the food tastes a lot better than the lufrmgs they were served before. the sf weekly recognizes one of the leading alternative leading newspapers in the country has a new owner tonight. it was sold today to san francisco newspaper company which already owns its competitors, the san francisco bay guardian and the san
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francisco examiner. the weekly was owned by voice media group. it did not disclose the sale price. tonight san francisco police are asking for the public's help in tracking down a hit and run driver who struck and injured a 15-year-old girl christmas day. police tell us the accident happened around 5:00 at night near the intersection after 19th and winceton in the sunset district. the teen underwent several surgeries for fractures and is at home recovering. police say she was hit bay four-door newer-model mercedes. it was gray and had paper plates, the kind that would come from a dealership. the sdrooifr described as a white woman 40 to 50 years old. a $12,000 award is being aufrd tonight to help track down a thief targeting a popular gold exhibit at the oakland museum of california. there's one key piece of video evidence that may help investigators. >> it's been in this museum since the 1960s giving people a glimpse into the gold rush. >> it was a wedding anniversary gift from a san francisco pioneer to his wife in the 19 -- in the 1800s, excuse me. it was created by a san
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francisco gold myth artisan. >> that is until monday when someone snatched it. oakland police wouldn't release a picture citing the ongoing investigation so all we can tell you is it's 7 by 9, about the size of a shoe box. it's gold in quartz with images of california on the box. >> this is a theft on not just valuable object but a theft of our history and a theft of the heritage of our children. >> and it's the second time this has happened. there was another heist in november. >> the museum believes in both thefts the thief came in through the garden through one of these alarm doors. in both thefts the burglar came to this area of the museum. back in november, took an item from there and from right here and then on monday took that box that was located right there. >> two burglaries in two months, both when the museum was closed, both caught on video. >> yes, there are striking similarities. >> police believe the same man is responsible, described as black, 5-9 to 6 feet, medium
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complexings with short back hair wearing a dark hat, dark jacket, dark shoes and a white max. a $12,000 reward is now up for grabs. the museum motto is the story of california, the story of you. the hope is the story of this box brings it back home. in oakland, ktvu channel 2 news. more details now on the items taken from the museum. the bus taken this week is reportedly valued at more than $8 hun thousand. in the first theft last november, gold nuggets were among the items stolen. the price of gold is currently above $1,600 an ounce. the conservation coast today brought in -- in east palo alto. those bags are being piled on top of the burn to help prevent anymore flooding this rainy season. on december 23rd, rainwater overflowed the levee flooding homes in the neighborhood and parts of highway 101. the city hopes to get emergency money from the state to pay for permanent levee work this summer. so our visitors abusing a special deal at disney land? ahead tonight the tactic now
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being used to ensure visitors don't try to chaet the happiest place on earth. and you may want to bundle up tonight because temperatures outside are dropping. meteorologist mark tells us we're about to see the coldest temperatures of the season. sofa... desk... you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. let us get everything off the shelf, and to your home.
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♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ]
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. disney land is cracking down on businesses that abuse its multi-day pass system. disney says park employees have started taking photographs of visitors who enter with a multiday pass. anyone using the same pass on another day will be checked to see if they match the photo on file. this new policy began after several businesses started buying those multiday passes and then leasing them out by the day for a profit. meteorologist mark is here to tell us about the cold weather that's coming our way. >> yeah. this is a big change, gasia. you'll notice a big drop off in temperatures. so the advertised cooling trend right on track. in fact, already a few showers moving into parts of the bay area. the bigger story will be the cold air still set to move in. right now on live storm tracker 2 you can't pick out the satellite loop over the past few hours. that cold air is up to our north and west. temperatures this evening already dropping off into the 40s, to the lower 50s. also a bit of a breeze out there with winds from around 15 to 25 miles an hour. right now on live storm tracker 2, the bulk of light shower
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activity focussed in the santa cruz mountains, also in parts of the south bay, as well. this translating to some light rain closer to san jose and also mountain view reporting some light rain at last check, also sout toward the saratoga area. not a big deal but still some wet roadways across parts of the region. as far as overnight lows, temperatures will continue to cool off and that'll set the stage for some very cold numbers first thing tomorrow morning. san francisco in 40 and san jose in the upper 30s and 38 greece. here's the weather pattern developing. scattered showers for tonight into your thursday morning. also a bit of a temperature drop as that cold continues to move. highs tomorrow maxing out in the upper 40s. lows on other side of 30 degrees and some very cold showers, cold enough that we do have a winter weather advisory down toward the mountains here down to our south but for us closer to home with those dropping snow levels there is a possibility we could have a dusting of snow in the santa cruz mountains basically across
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the bay area hills first thing tomorrow morning so we will be watching out for that. scattered showers, at least a chance for tonight and into thursday. the bulk actually remains offshore. chance tomorrow morning at 8:00 and then by 12:00 pretty good but still cool and breezy out there, and a frost advisory in place for the bayshore line and a freeze warning kicks in. this is for friday morning, temperatures in the 20s and 30s so get ready for that. temperatures for tomorrow mainly in the upper 40s to the lower 50s so not much of a warmup for your thursday afternoon and the look ahead. freeze warning friday morning. more cloud cover for saturday. slight chance of a sprinkle by sunday. gasia. >> thank you, mark. a group of bay area organizations for the blind and visually impaired started the year off by rolling up their sleeves and possibly saving a life. the american red cross partnered with the lighthouse for the blind and other organizations today for a blood drive. this comes at a crucial time for the red cross since blood donations typically decrease during winter. the head of lighthouse says the blind are often the recipient of others generosity and they just
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want today give back. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. i'm gasia mikaelian and our coverage continues with the #10s news and tonight 49er candles a hot-selling item ahead of saturday's playoff game and you may get a kick out of what fans are praying for. tmz is up next here on tv 36. well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched.
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and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv with a total home dvr included free for life. only $29 a month for six months. rethink possible.
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